40K: Nurgle Terminators

So, first real post finally: Here’s a squad of 40K Dark Vengeance starter set Terminators I converted to be Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Terminators. I didn’t change the weapons, just added the bloated bellies, horns, blisters and such, and used a razor saw to cut the arms off of some of the figures just to make them easier to pack away when needed.

The finished product:

These took me a while to get around to finishing, but once I started painting them they came along pretty quick.

Here’s how they started off after taking the Dark Angels iconography off and adding bloated bellies and horns with Green Stuff:

I used Blu Stuff molds to make the shoulder pad icons:

Then I did the monochromatic preshading:

Close-up of the preshading – this is with the light pretty much behind the camera, but it appears as if the light is directly over the head of the model.

With the airbrush painting the base colors took just a couple of minutes, and with Nurgle stuff there can be very little detail work to do (like blisters, sores, horns, etc.). These guys had very few boils and pustules on them, but painting over them with various flesh and bone colors was very quick. Doing the Champion’s power sword took longer than doing all the blisters and stuff!

Pretty happy with how these guys turned out, and it was very quick too.

Colors and equipment:

Badger Renegade Krome airbrush (spraying at 10-15psi, paints mixed roughly 1:1 with water)
Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes (1, 0, 00)

Basing & conversion material:

Dremel to remove icons
Green Stuff to add Nurgle marks
cork sheet
Silflor grass tufts
Army Painter grass tufts

Vallejo colors unless noted:

Primer: black
Primer: grey
base color: 3 pts Dark Green, 3 pts Goblin Green, 1 pt Dead Flesh
flesh: Dead Flesh
horns: Bone White
blisters: Dead Flesh
washes: Lester Burley’s Heavy Body Black and then Flesh wash, finished with Flesh wash mixed with green ink in some places
blood & sore color: Gory Red
boltguns: heavy drybrush with Gun Alloy
base: Citadel Texture Armageddon Dust, cork painted black then drybrushed with Cold Grey and Dead White in various mixes
base rim: Beasty Brown
leader’s sword: Electric Blue and Magic(?) Blue, wet-blended and edged with mixes of both blues mixed with Dead White


Pledge/Kleer floor wax through airbrush, no dilution
Testor’s Dullcote
Pledge brushed over eye lenses, blood and light lenses

Originally posted on my group’s Hammertime 40K site

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