40K: Chaos Terminators

Another ebay rescue! These are old-school metal terminators that I stripped the paint off and mounted them on new 40mm bases, on two layers of corkboard material. With all these spiky bits, trust me, you do NOT want to drop these on your feet, lap, children, car, wooden floor, etc…

So here’s how they started off, with zenithal highlighting as I’ve been doing lately:

I did the yellow first purely because it was the smallest area of bright base color to worry about. This yellow is Averland Sunset from GW. It’s just a nice mustardy yellow I pick to be the accent color of my Chaos Space Marine ‘chapter’, or army.

The other color is Vallejo Bloody Red, which is more of a red-orange:

A bit blurry but you get the idea.

That’s all I’ve done so far – oh, and I’ve put some Minitaire Gunmetal Alloy on the weapons and hoses, just to see how that brushes on (so far, so good, it’s thinned down quite a lot so I didn’t find a need to add any water).

The next step is to do all the brass bits (which to be honest is a part I hate doing!). To keep with the ‘every brand of paint I have and then some’ theme I may use Blighted Gold from Formula P3! 🙂

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