40K: Nurgle Dread-brute Finished!

Well I finally finished that Dreadnought conversion I posted the other day:

I decided to change the base color from the standard brown I’ve been using on my previous Dark Vengeance Helbrute and monstrous creature bases to a dull yellow that I mixed to match the GW Armageddon Dust texture paint I’ve been using on all of my infantry bases.

I realized I should paint all my bases to match, so when I do finally get a complete army picture they’ll look loads better all together.

To finish off the base and balance out the off-center position of the dreadnought, I added a few body parts from my Space Marine bitz box with lots of gore (Vallejo Gory Red and Black in various mixes).

The model was finished it up with some weathering pigment powder, which I tried for the first time.

I bought all of the Vallejo weathering pigments I could get my hands on and used the Natural Iron Oxide (AKA: black) around the exhausts and vents, plus to match the basing color I used a yellow pigment and a light orange pigment on the lower legs and feet.

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