40K: Plague Marines Finished!

Here’s a group of Plague Marines I converted from the 40K Dark Vengeance starter box:

Paints used:
Vallejo Black & Grey Primer for pre-shading
Vallejo Dead Flesh and Goblin Green for the green base
Stippled with Formula P3 Cryx Bane Base and Minitaire Rotting Flesh for variation
Plasma guns airbrushed with Vallejo Sorcerer Blue (I think that’s the name?)
Gun ‘fins’ picked out with Electric Blue by drybrushing
Light/messy drybrush with Formula P3 ‘Jack Bone

I may have gone a little overboard with the OSL but this was my first time trying OSL in this way. I hadn’t done any OSL on plasma guns before so this was cool to do. Plus, these guys are just meant to be ‘tabletop’ quality so I didn’t want to spend too much time on them and fix too many things.

Nurgle paint jobs are pretty easy to do because it doesn’t require much finesse unless you are going for something with proper display quality – in fact the Nurgle look encourages a messy look, I think! I played around with the green quite a bit because I thought the Nurgle Terminators I did earlier were too bright and clean, so I stippled on some Minitaire Rotting Flesh and P3 Cryx Base to darken them up and give them a mottled appearance.

It may not fit precisely with the fluff of the codexes and books but they’re meant to be Fallen Angels or some other loyalist squad that decided Nurgle is the way forward, or a ‘lost squad’ of Death Guard that weren’t as exposed to the warp as some of their CSM bredrin.

The way I see it, there are various ‘degrees’ of Chaos:

  1. Marines who have ‘gone renegade’, whether or not they are embracing Chaos or have simply rejected the Emperor
  2. Groups that do embrace Chaos, at least ‘a little bit (if that’s possible), with a few horns or Chaos-y signs here and there (which is where I see these Plague Marines fitting)
  3. Chosen: the way they are modeled in the DV set, with a few horns or demon faces
  4. Champions of either of these types have a few more ‘gifts’ or mutations of Chaos, like horns on their head or claws or whatever
  5. Chaos Lords/sorcerers/HQ types with tons of horns and tentacles or whatnot
  6. then you get into the named characters like Ahriman and whoever

But realistically I did this squad the way I did because the DV squads are cheap and I didn’t want to spend any extra money on them  They’re meant to be just something with a different color on the table.

Originally posted on the Hammertime 40K blog

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