Warmachine: Cryx Starter Set

My Cryx starter set is coming along!

I’m going to magnetize the arms on the Slayer helljack, he’s a big fella and I want to be able to transport/store him easily. I was going to pin and glue the arms in place but the pose I decided on has one of his arms come way out so I’m going to take the pins out and glue in some medium-size magnets.

I practiced a bit of wet blending with these guys, it’s a bit hard to see because of the dark color palette, but if you look on the large areas of the ‘jacks you can see the edges get darker. I *might* see if a wash will accentuate the shading but I don’t think you’re really meant to!

So I just need to drill holes for the magnets, glue them in and put some paint over the bases, and I should be nearly finished. I think the last thing to do will be some bright green OSL like I did for the Machine Wraith.

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