Beginner’s Wargaming Painting Class

Are you a painting newbie? Check out the wargaming painting class I’ll be teaching! (UK only) updated link!

Yeah…I’m kinda proud about this one, sorry!

I mentioned a while back how I’m going to be helping instruct a class on beginner’s wargame painting, well now I’ve got a few details: 23rd of November, a link with info is here:…-painting-.html

Basically this is going to be aimed at raw beginners, starting with basic equipment, basic painting skills, a bit of detail work (but not too much), beyond that we’ll see where we get on the day, and we’ll squeeze in airbrushing as well (for vehicles, etc.). This will be held at the HQ of the Badger UK distributor – so we’ll be using Minitaire, Badger airbrushes, etc. You’re welcome to bring your own models but there will be ‘tester’ models available to paint too. Brushes, paints, lunch, tea, etc. will also be provided.

Of course this is meant for total beginners, so maybe YOU are advanced to the point where they won’t learn much, if anything, but if you know someone else (in the UK, unless they *really* want to take a trip) who’s always playing with plain grey models or wants to move beyond slapping on a single-color base coat and dip washing, let ’em know!

If you have any questions just leave a comment!

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