Finally got my Reaper Bones!

13 months after the Reaper Bones Kickstarter finished and $300+ later (plus another £65 in Customs fees!), I’ve finally gotten my Reaper Bones. I’m not complaining at the extra cost and the wait…not too much, anyway. But at least I wasn’t on forums complaining how my order should have come out first, or whatever, like some people were.

But anyway, it’s here, I can be happy about that! Here’s the box, filling my office chair:

It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be, but not having any blister packs and everything packed in poly bags helps cut down on the weight and space requirements I’m sure.

And opened:

Yep, lots of stuff!

Once I got the box home, it took ages to cut open all the bags and get everything washed (warm soapy water)…

Here’s all the big models drying on the right, with the smaller, normal-sized models draining:

And finally EVERYTHING draining and drying:

And here is EVERYTHING, laid out and standing up (as much as they can):

Here’s some of the classic fantasy monsters, with an adventurer model, a modern soldier model and a GW space marine for scale:

The various giant models (I made sure to get them all):

And all the dragons of various sizes and types:

And just the biggest guys:

Yes, that Kaladrax model (the one with the massive bony tale) is about 18″ wide. Crikey.

And look at all these new paints I got!

48 fresh new bottles of paint!

A better view:

Here are the colors: 

NOTE: Shipping does not stack! Simply add the highest value among all options and levels desired.

NOTE: Shipping does not stack! Select the highest shipping value among all options and levels desired.

It doesn’t look like any parts are missing (apparently this is an issue, and with the internet being what it is people shout up loudly at the first mistake) so I can get painting pretty soon!

The first ones I’ll paint are some of the simpler ones, probably the fantasy dungeon dressing or monster horde models, just to get used to working with the ‘Bonesium’ plastic, which apparently doesn’t require primer if you’re using undiluted paint. Then I want to try painting one of the larger models, like one of the female giant models (they’re about 15cm high or 4 inches tall) to train myself on painting larger models, which can be a different animal than models just an inch high. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to learn how to shade and texture skin, especially on the female cloud giant model, which is in the picture just above.

And then I’ll get to think about the new Bones II Kickstarter that just went live today…

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