A few more bugs, anyone?

60 Termangants, just primed, based and painted this evening!

From front to rear:
10 with Fleshborers (to count for Termagants spawned during a battle)
29 with Spinefists
21 with Devourers (weapon of choice, the Spinefist-carrying ones are to differentiate between squads on the battlefield)

Some quick pics of the progress:

After priming all over in black, I went over the upper parts in grey primer, trying to keep much of the primer off the carapace. The carapaces were sprayed lightly from the front so they would have a black edge underneath the overlapping plates.

After spraying each one lightly, all over, with Minitaire Ancient Bone, I mixed Ghost Tint Oil Discharge and Ghost Tint Green in a 5:4 ratio (roughly) to get a dark green similar to the Aliens movie creatures, and brushed that over all the hard carapace, hoof and horn areas. This took about 2 minutes per model.

Washing with a dark sepia wash brought out the details of all the other areas.

Since these are ‘horde’ type creatures I will probably leave them as-is and simply varnish them a few times with gloss lacquer then hit them with a satin varnish. I may try some lighter green striations on the dark green carapace edges, just to see how they might look on the larger Tyranids but I’m pretty happy with how these guys turned out. On my earlier group of 10 Termagants I put Ghost Tint Magenta on some of the small details just to break up the skin color but I’ll save that for another time on these guys!

I’ll be making space ship/sci-fi ‘deck’ style bases for the models (making masters then casting them in about 4 or 5 varieties) so I haven’t done anything to the bases they’re on. Some are glued in, others are just resting in place.

And that’s it!

Products used:
Badger Patriot 150 airbrush
Badger Stynylrez primers: black, grey & white
Badger Minitaire: Ancient Bone
Badger Minitaire Ghost Tints: Oil Discharge, Green


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