Bug Hunt!

Just finished these guys (I’m waiting to finish & cast my ship desk bases I’ll be doing in the next few weeks)

Fairly happy with how they came together, although the carapaces are a bit lighter than what I wanted. It’s OK though, they will vary in exact hue and tone but overall I’m pretty happy with the color combination. Definitely going for the Aliens color of dark green and the flesh color came out nice. I could do highlights and more but in the end these guys will be shoveled off the table in droves so I wanted something that was quick and easy. The airbrushing took no time at all, the brushwork (carapace and then the flesh wash) took about 2.5 minutes per model. I could drybrush highlights but meh. I’ll put more work into the big models though!

Here’s how they came together –┬áthank goodness for Google Drive auto-uploads from my phone camera!

Primed in Badger’s Stynylrez black primer

Sprayed at a 45 degree angle around each model (from the top) with Stynylrez grey

Close-up of the instant shading (this guy will be my sample guy throughout the rest of the photos)

Sprayed from directly above with Stynylrez white


Sprayed all over with Badger Minitaire Ancient Bone

Sample. Kind of hard to see the shading working here, but I think I spray too much grey and white

Tryed to spray Minitaire Ghost Tints on the carapace parts but I couldn’t get the air/viscosity mix right so I left it for a couple of days (until this morning) to finish off everything. Mixed Oil Discharge and Green Ghost Tints at about a 3:2 mix and brushed them on the carapace bits.


Use the Les Burley Flesh Wash recipe on all the skin parts

For some reason the sample guy isn’t coming out as green in the pictures as he IRL

Decided to add a *little* bit of color with Ghost Tint Magenta on the ‘vent’ areas, tongues and a couple of other places. Just for a tiny bit of bright color.

I was definitely going for the Aliens color with these guys, and I think I found my ‘recipe’ for the rest of my army, but I thought some extra color would be good.

There’s more color on the other side, with the hose and eye on the gun.

(note to self: phone pictures and cropping using Google Photos editing doesn’t make for sharp photos!)

Finished! Nearly…the bases aren’t done, I’ll be rebasing all of my Tyranid models on spaceship decking style bases, which I have yet to make.

And how they’ll look from a “commander’s-eye view” on the tabletop:


Products used:
Badger Patriot 150 airbrush
Badger Stynylrez primers: black, grey & white
Badger Minitaire: Ancient Bone
Badger Minitaire Ghost Tints: Oil Discharge, Green & Magenta


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