Starship Bases

Sci-fi bases for models include all sorts of things, and being a huge fan of the Aliens movies (yes, I even liked Alien 3 but not Alien 4!) I decided for my growing Tyranide Hive Fleet Eviscera horde I would custom-make space ship deck bases for all of my bug models. I’d scratchbuild a bunch of bases then cast them in resin so I could make as many as I want.

Here’s the first batch of 25mm bases, using a lot of diamond-plate styrene I had to order from the US. The clear-ish mesh bits are from the weaving area of a local craft store, the green ‘pipes’ are leftover sprue from a model tank. The white plastic is sheet styrene.  I made ten of these so of the 100 or so small Termagants I have you’ll see a nice variety spread out through the army.

The 40mm bases for Warriors, Hive Guard and other stuff. More pipes and things for more variety. The green ‘tentacle’ is meant to be a power plug or socket, I need to build up the white bit so it looks more like a plug. I used my Tamiya scribing tool to make the panel lines in the white styrene and liked the effect enough to do it on some of the 25mm bases, in addition to adding more stuff to the small bases:

I also added some holes for rivets and things but didn’t go crazy on these. With the intention of casting these in resin as one-piece molds, it’ll be easy to add pennies to the molds after the resin in poured in, to help weigh down the really imbalanced models like the Hormagaunt.

Now for the 60mm bases for Hive Tyrants and other bigger beasties. I thought a 3D hatch would look pretty cool and went for larger pipes. The bases that’s got the big step in it might have TOO big of a step, meaning it maybe should be 1/3rd across instead of halfway across – it compromises the placement of the feet on some models but we’ll see how it goes.


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