3 Imperial Knights: Some Progress!

2014-08-24 11.23.36

(click any image to see the bigger version)

And magnetized to fit the cannons:

2014-08-24 11.23.36

Some heat-staining using Minitaire Ghost Tints:

2014-08-24 11.25.08

and on the exhausts as well

2014-08-24 11.25.44

presently lacquered up and drying while I watch the F1…


2014-08-24 11.49.58


The monotone bits will be done in cream/bone with different patterns for each one, then the edges and some of the mechanical bits will be done in brass. For weathering, the bare metal bits will get lots of weathering pigments, then some battle damage and scratches on the blue and brass parts, and finally a dusty overcoat.

All the paint used is Badger Minitaire over Stynilrez primers, sprayed through a Badger 105 Patriot and Renegade Krome.

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