Magnetized Forgefiend/Maulerfiend

Was contacted some weeks ago to magnetize a Games Workshop Forgefiend/Maulerfiend model for the Chaos Space Marines army for Warhammer: 40,000. I’d previously done this exact project for my own Forgefiend, and I have another one of my own I’ll be magnetizing so I can run 2 Forgefiends, 2 Maulerfiends or one of each – and that’s exactly what the client wanted!

So here’s the finished result, after a few hours of work:

These are all the magnetized parts for one of the models.

The body is fitted with 7 6mm magnets.

8 6mm magnets hold the shooting weapons.

A pair of 6mm magnets hold the neck in place. The heads each have a 6mm magnet to hold them to the front of the neck piece, which has another 6mm magnet at the front.

Huge magnets hold the rear feet in place – as long as light basing material is used. No heavy rocks or huge resin pieces, but bark, cork or foam is ideal.

The shoulder pads are also magnetized in place, because they have to be able to swap between the huge power fist front arms or the gun mounts shown above.

A pair of tiny 3mm magnets holds each shoulder piece in place.

An example of the versatility available with a fully magnetized model!

This project took 33 6mm x 3mm, 6 3mm x 2mm and 2 10mm x 4mm extra-high power neodymium N52 magnets per model, and about 5 hours of time.


  • Gigantor

    Top notch work on this. And the pics looks good enough that I could do this on my own. But one question. Why bother magnetizing it to the base? Do the 2 builds require different leg positions?

    • admin

      Actually a good question! For me personally it’s partly for storage, and in 6th edition an exploded walker would leave a crater or debris on the battlefield. This isn’t the case in 7th edition any more but it still gives an option for the model owner.

    • admin

      Not really different leg positions, but I did this for when I did my own Maulerfiend/Forgfiend because when it got destroyed the base acts as its own exploded marker đŸ™‚

      Sorry for the very late reply!

  • Thanks for the answer. Follow up question being, how do you paint all the magnetized bits? Do you use a jig or something to hold them?

    • admin

      Nope, no jig, just prime & paint separately and when they’re laid down just keep them a few inches from each other so they don’t jump away đŸ™‚

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