Weekend Wargaming Painting Workshop: Success!

This past weekend I spent my time at Barwell Bodyworks, the UK Badger importer, helping out at a beginner’s workshop for wargame airbrushing! We had 8 people sign up, 3 were interested mostly in Warhammer 40K gaming, 3 were into historicals, 1 interested mostly in fantasy and another into Warmachine.

We covered all aspects about the basics of airbrushing, priming, panel lining, basecoating, the salt and hairspray weathering techniques, spatter technique, detail work like power weapons, masking, freehanding, using Ghost Tints/candies and more, and everyone got to work on their own models to use their knowledge right away.

It was a really good weekend, and if you’re interested in doing something like this (and live in the UK) check out this link to sign up for the next course in late October.

If you want to check out pictures from the weekend’s class, check out the photo album on Facebook!

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