First Dropzone Commander Starter Set Nearly Finished!

Here’s where I’m at painting my first Dropzone Commander starter army!

This is the UCM half of the Dropzone Commander starter set, with 3 colors of camouflage on it. I might add a very thin line of black but I’ll see how the models look after a wash of black to bring out the details.

This is how I primed the models, zenithal style with black everywhere, grey on top and white in the middle of the top panels.

Two colors of camo (Minitaire light tanĀ and a light green) and a gloss varnish to protect the paint.

A medium grey in thin lines along the edges of the green patches and it looks pretty good!

Next up: base & paint the infantry stands, engine glow on the transports (airbrush thin lines of white, then very thin coats of blue), metallics on the guns, paint the tires and tracks, try a couple of different black washes, dots of color on the headlights, splashes of mud, airbrush some dust and another gloss coat followed by a matte varnish.

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