• Clive

    Hi Frank,

    You mentioned in this video that you were spraying at 25 to 30 psi. Yet when I attended your excellent airbrush training course the other weekend we were spraying at 10 psi practically the whole time regardless of whether we were painting or priming.

    What’s the thinking there please and what difference does different psi make?


    • Frank

      Great question! 🙂 basically every artist has their own way of doing things, I prefer to spray basecoats and unthinned primers at a higher pressure to make sure they get everywhere they need to be, especially with fully assembled models. This does take some care so you don’t get too much paint in one area but I keep turning the model and come back to catch any missed spots to make sure there’s full coverage everywhere. It’s just a different way, you develop your own way to get things done like with any other task or job. The trick is to not go too far down the wrong road so you have to un-learn bad habits!

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