Unboxing video: Hawk Wargames’ Aegis Orbital Defense Laser

This time we’re unboxing the Aegis Orbital Defense Laser from Hawk Wargames! This multi-part resin model is meant to be a scenery piece for the Dropzone Commander game. You’d only ever see 1 of these in a DZC game, so don’t be put off by the high price. This model will also integrate with the Dropfleet Commander orbital space ship game, so it can serve a dual purpose if you’re playing a Dropfleet game that ties in with a Dropfleet game!


  • Weidekuh

    The Orbital is a fantastic of terrain! I use it in every game, even if we haven’t played the specific szenarios once.

    • Frank

      It is really cool, and it was great to see the ‘full size’ versions on the huge New Orleans class strike carrier at Salute!

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