Horus Heresy 30K Game Aids!

Super awesome datasheet cards for your Horus Heresy army!

I always have a problem with remembering what stats my various units have, and what exactly they can do. I don’t play as often as I’d like, so getting the practice in to learn my model’s abilities is a big issue for me. Plus, the layout of the Warhammer 40K 7th edition rulebook isn’t very good (8th edition, Age of Sigmar and the other recent games have fixed this) so there’s tons of page flipping in the middle of a game if you can’t remember something.

Plus, I like the card and datasheet options they’ve done for recent armies. Borrowed from other games, of course! But I don’t blame them for that, it’s a great idea.

So, I made these abbreviated datasheet info cards to print out. These are specifically for games of Horus Heresy (aka 30K) and there are two versions: one just for tactical squads (with two rows of statlines you can fill in) and one version for characters, vehicles and any other units (with as single statline row). Each version is available in a color and black and white style, the only difference is the color version has a cool background. Four datasheets will fit on each page.

Here’s the links:

Color tactical datasheet

Color datasheet

(right now the color files are very large! So I’ll update them soon so I they are smaller in size)

Black and white tactical datasheet

Black and white datasheet

I’ve also done smaller cards that are the size of X-wing miniatures game ship cards, but will fit into FFG card sleeves. These are just smaller and can be used for characters, special models or whatever. Your choice! Click here to get those.

Right now they are formatted for A4 sheets but should fit fine on US Letter size paper, just select “scale to fit” if you have to. Once you have done a test print, they work best on the table if you print them onto card stock.

You’re free to distribute these via the link to this post (this link) or website (www.tinyplasticspacemen.com), and you’re free to tweak the files if you want. Please don’t remove my web address, though, and don’t be a jerk and sell the files or cards.

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