We’re on Twitch!

We’ve* got some free time here at TPS Towers** so we’re now experimenting on Twitch! (see the purple logo to the right!)

The official Twitch logo! Click it to make all your dreams come true!

Yes, due to various recent conditions and situations, it’s high time to toss Tiny Plastic Spacemen on the premiere livestreaming platform!

If you’re new to the term, Twitch is a site similar to YouTube where many people around the world are sharing live videos every day, all the time. Mostly it’s people playing video games, sharing what they see on their TV or computer screens while having a tiny screen showing their face somewhere (like a PIP or Picture In Picture window) so their viewers can see their facial reactions or see them talking as they play. Viewers of each person’s channel can chat with the player or other viewers, and can subscribe to the channel (giving the channel owner actual money in the process).

There’s been a growing number of people in the miniature painting world doing the same thing, broadcasting their painting progress, and now Tiny Plastic Spacemen is part of that community on Twitch!

We’re still working out the details around various IRL (In Real Life) things that must be done, but we’ll soon settle on a regular time schedule and series of projects. The first several broadcasts (or ‘streams’ or ‘shows’ or whatever you want to call them) have been all about the Ork Speed Freeks models that are nearing completion (see below!), but there’s many many projects in the pipeline! So please head over the Tiny Plastic Spacemen channel, sign up for Twitch if you haven’t already, and give us a Follow! It’s basically the same as subscribing on YouTube, but better!

The latest progress (as of the writing of this post!) on the Ork Speed Freeks that have featured heavily in the Twitch streams so far!

*I say ‘we’, but really it’s just me, I, Frank – the guy in the videos! ‘We’ just sounds like this is a well-run and far-ranging operation!

**TPS Towers, of course, being the hobby loft! We’re all about keeping things as posh-sounding as possible here!

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