We’re Taking Commissions!

Tiny Plastic Spacemen is a reliable, UK-based commission painter for your bespoke game or display model needs! We offer a full service model building service, from purchase to delivery of custom painted models! And we are taking new commissions once again!

(If you want to skip all the preamble and sales chatter, please read the ‘fine print’ here and get in touch today!)

Figures for Skirmish, Mass Battle, Wargames or Roleplaying – TPS can do it all!

Tiny Plastic Spacemen is a commission painter service that has been around for several years, servicing customers around the world with customized models for wargaming and role-playing games. We offer a friendly, complete custom model painting service that will perfectly align with your budget and needs.

We offer a complete model service, no matter what you are looking for:

  • Resin, plastic or metal models professionally built
  • Model built already? We’ll paint it and detail it to your specifications!
  • Have the models but need them built and painted? Totally fine!
  • Need models purchased, built, then painted? OK!
  • Want customizations such as swappable weapons or arms? 👍 Can do!
Get a whole unit built, customized and painted at the same time!

Being a full service commission painter, Tiny Plastic Spacemen offers bespoke customizations of all types:

  • Custom poses
  • Magnetizing for multiple weapon options
  • Magnetizing for pose variability
  • Custom basing
  • Custom flight or hover stands

Whether you’re looking for a commission painter for individual figures, vehicles, or huge walking behemoths, Tiny Plastic Spacemen has the experience, tools and skills to make your dream model build a reality.

From individual models on foot to huge Titans, TPS can do it!

Ready to book YOUR models with a reliable, UK-based custom commission painter? Please read the ‘fine print’ here and get in touch today!

Even if you’re not ready to book in your models, you see the models we’re currently building and painting on our Instagram and Facebook page!

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