January Hobby Medals – Bronze Achieved Already!

Looking back to the last couple of posts about a way to stay motivated (I describe the ‘medal system’ here in Part 2), I’m very happy to say I’ve already achieved my Bronze medal for January!

As I mentioned, this is the easiest of the challenges this month, which is why it’s ‘just’ a bronze, but hey, I’ve got 6 more Battlescribe lists for my Horus Heresy army than I did a week ago!

One of the 3000 pt lists I’ve come up with – this one will probably change a bit!

I’ve ended up with 2 lists that are 1500 pts, 2 at 2500 and 2 more at 3000. The idea is to start with a small list of mostly-assembled models, then add a few units that are also mostly-assembled – this will let me get the most to a ‘silver’ standard by the end of the month. The larger lists are meant to incorporate the smaller lists and add a unit or two, to keep things simple. This also helps make sure I’m not trying to do too much by trying to assemble models just for this month.

One of the smallest lists – not a lot in 1500 for 30K!

My smallest lists use a mix of tactical and veteran marines, one or two Sicarans, Rhino transports, and either a Fire Raptor (the COOLEST flyer in the game…probably) or a Storm Eagle. The models I use for these units are mostly built: the marines need the weapons attached and there’s various small bits on the vehicles that need to be found and attached, but essentially the smaller armies won’t need more than a couple evenings’ worth of assembly and they’re ready to get basecoated.

One of the 2500 pt lists – these both have one flyer and one drop pod, just swapping them over basically.

The next size up at 2500 uses one of the flyers but adds either the Anvilus or Kharybdis assault drop pods (very fun to use!) – these again are built and ready to get painted. One list also adds a ten-man squad of missile launchers, a squad I’ve wanted to used for ages, I just haven’t put the weapons on the guys.

The final lists cram as many units from the smaller lists together, so there’s ideally no extra units that need building, I’m only adding in models that are awaiting paint.

And that’s it! Hopefully. 😉 Minimal building, just finishing off what I’ve had laying in KR trays for months/years, then getting some of that sweet, sweet basecoating on them to get that sweet, sweet silver medal!

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