Could 2020 *be* any crazier?

Kind of how 2020 has been

Many moons ago, I posted that 2019 had been pretty bad and kind of a downer, and… well, don’t ya know it, 2020 has turned out even worse. But for everyone! On top of everything else going on around the world, the economy and my own life, my mother unfortunately ended up passing away in July*. The only bright spot has been that I started a new job literally just before the pandemic lockdown started in the United Kingdom, and they’ve been very good to me throughout lockdown and dealing with all the stuff you go through and have to do after a loved one passes away, so I’m quite grateful for that.

There has been one other bright spot, and that’s that I’ve started night courses to advance my day-to-day career. Of course, I need to put this as my priority (after my day job) until I complete the courses, so commission painting will need to take a back seat – but I will be taking on some things here and there, as I get time. So far, no new commissions, just wrapping up WIP projects to get them out the door.

I do fully intend to get new posts and videos back on the site and channel (my mind is always going, even if my fingers aren’t!) but there’s no firm date for anything yet. I used to feel really lazy that a bunch of new YouTubers and painters seem to have popped up during lockdown when it looked like everyone had more time on their hands (a popular fallacy), but everyone has their own situation and home life or job they have to work on, so I’m fine with it now.

*- the visitation and funeral were broadcast on YouTube so my mother’s family and friends around the world could watch, so apologies if you are a subscriber and got a notification of a new live video and found themselves in a funeral mass! The confusion is understandable. However…some people decided to put a thumbs down on the video – not cool. If you didn’t and simply moved on, thanks.

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