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January Hobby Medals – Bronze Achieved Already!

Looking back to the last couple of posts about a way to stay motivated (I describe the ‘medal system’ here in Part 2), I’m very happy to say I’ve already achieved my Bronze medal for January!

As I mentioned, this is the easiest of the challenges this month, which is why it’s ‘just’ a bronze, but hey, I’ve got 6 more Battlescribe lists for my Horus Heresy army than I did a week ago!

One of the 3000 pt lists I’ve come up with – this one will probably change a bit!

New Year, New Hobby Challenges! pt 2

If you missed Part 1 of this post, click here!

So after deciding that finishing 2 armies and making a significant dent in my terrain stash is going to be the focus of my 2020 hobby year, the next step is deciding how to actually do it.

I’ve seen a lot of different ways to do this – for a few years, I actually organized a monthly ‘Oath’ painting challenge for wargamers on the Something Awful forums – but a gaming friend of mine has come up with something quite unique and frankly pretty ingenius! I present…

The Medal Hobby Challenge!

New Year, New Hobby Challenges! pt 1

Whether you call them goals, resolutions, challenges, or whatever, it seems every hobbyist out there with a blog, site or page is setting out their stall and declaring their hobby challenges!

Well, this being the first day of the year, I wanted to share something similar…that was also a bit different and unique!

I’m not great with getting through my hobby backlog, like every hobby butterfly. I have armies stretching back to late 5th edition – I started with a big bunch of old style Dark Eldar, then moved to Chaos Space Marines with the 6th edition starter set and went in all sorts of ways after that!

Getting the Armies & Hordes book from Dave Taylor through his Kickstarter campaign helped a bit with getting me to organize what I’ve got, write it out in Google Sheets online and track the build & painting progress of each unit or model. I have most of my orks listed, but need to crack the whip and get my Horus Heresy Alpha Legion in the spreadsheet as well!