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Forge World Warlord Titan – Unboxing the Weapons!

Following our unboxing video of the Warlord Titan body, here’s a video showing the unboxing of every single available weapon for the Warlord! 

Because you have to buy the head for the Warlord separately (there are a couple different option heads), the head is included in the video as well. 

This isn’t just an unboxing video – like all of our unboxings, this is more of a close-up look at the various model parts, checking for mold slips, flashing, holes and any other issues or problem areas we’ll need to go over before we start assembly. 

Next step: cutting off all the casting gates and sprues! 

First Look video: the NEW Badger Xtreme Patriot 105!

Here it is! The new Badger Xtreme Patriot 105! This is a first look at this new airbrush from Badger, in the next video we’ll compare its performance to the ‘old’ Patriot 105 and see what it’s like! Many many thanks to Ken from Badger for this review sample!

If you’re in the UK, you can order the Xtreme Patriot 105 from