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Brand New Blood Bowl Stuff at Warhammer Fest!


Here’s a link to our online album of the amazing-looking, all-new Blood Bowl coming out later this year! Click here to check it out! REALLY interested to see how this comes out!

The models are bigger, the pitch is bigger (and double-sided!), and there are 6 teams in plastic planned, with more coming if the game takes off!

There’s many more photo albums coming, check back real soon or head over to the Facebook page right now!

Warhammer Fest 2016 Walkabout video!

Here’s our Walkabout video from Warhammer Fest 2016! We take you through every area from the big weekend, from the video games to the studio design teams, finishing up with a look at the amazing staff army section and a peek at the Golden Demon statues!

Check out the Tiny Plastic Spacemen Facebook page for photos of *everything* from the weekend!

*UPDATED!* Games Workshop 40K Build + Paint Releases for Late 2016 – and New Blood Bowl Models!

HELLO VISITORS FROM BoLS, SPIKEY BITS AND DAKKA! Please note that we had ZERO indication that GW are trying to get into big stores like Target, Tesco, Walmart, etc. – please see below for details on where they are in the Toy Fair. We will ask them DIRECTLY tomorrow (the 28th of January) and will update this post with their reply!

This week, we’re at the Nurnberg Toy Fair in Germany, and we’ve had the big scoopy from GW about some of their upcoming releases for 2016!

First up are these starter model sets that feature some ‘classic’ sprues, small pots of paint and a brush (or two), all at prices that seem to range from ‘reasonable’ to ‘crazy’, depending on who you ask. So here’s the pictures!