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Warlord Titan Build Log #7: Let’s add a torso to this beast!

Right! Now that the legs are fully built and they’re mounted to a sweet base, it’s time to finish off the model build! First up: the torso! 

There’s quite a lot to do in this step, really, including making sure the shoulders are strong enough to hold not only the arm weapons, but the top weapons as well. But it all comes together with some patience

Warlord Titan Build Log #6: It’s all about that BASE

Now that we’ve got the legs built, we now know how big the base needs to be. Since the model owner definitely wants a base, we have to figure out HOW to make one just for this model! 

A massive chunk of thick plywood, a few power tools and presto chango we’ve got a base! 

Okay, well it wasn’t THAT easy, but with the magic of video editing it can be! 

With the base completed (we still have to put all the stuff on the base!) we can carry on with the rest of the model, including the torso and weapons. 

Warlord Titan Build Log #4: Washing Every Part

With all the parts trimmed properly, it’s time to get washing! Warm, soaping water and a toothbrush (and a larger brush for the REALLY big pieces) is all you need to help the glue and paint stick to the surface of the model. 

You might think this is a fairly simple step, and for most models it is! But this is the biggest resin model made by Forge World, so you know it’s not going to be simple! Watch along as we show you how to wash parts like a Fabricator General! 

Warlord Titan Build Log #3 – Trimming Every. Single. Part!

Our Warlord titan build continues! Of course, before we can actually build anything, we have to remove the parts from the different sprues, just like any plastic model kit.

After unboxing the main body and armor panels, then having a close-up look at every single weapon, the next step before washing the parts carefully. 

Our big new project: the Warlord Titan!

Yep, we are building the Forge World Warlord titan – our biggest project yet! 

And the first titan we’re building! …starting with the biggest titan available 🙂

So here’s how the kit was sent to us: 

And here’s where we’ve gotten to so far: 

Because there are so many of them, we’ll have another unboxing video just for the weapons! 

Working with Resin Models Video!

New to resin models, or just need a guide to tools and techniques? Join us as we walk you through working with resin models in this handy guide, based on the Forge World Guide to Working with Resin Models! This is great information and Frank from Tiny Plastic Spacemen walks you through all the tools recommended by Forge World and how to use them, plus extra helpful tools that will make assembling your resin models easier.

* * Sorry for the fluctuating sound, had an issue with the microphone! * *

Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂

Galaxy star scheme inspiration!


Model painting group posts on Facebook can provide a lot of good inspiration while browsing and posting cat photos, and one of the posts in one of the groups asked where to find a decent painting tutorial for putting a galaxy paint scheme on a model.

One very helpful reply suggested this post from a crafting blog, showing how to paint a galactic-style easter eggs.

It’s very simple, and requires a base coat of black, some purple, maybe some blue, some gold and thinned white paint. Stipple on the colors and spatter the white on by flicking brush bristles (or use a popsicle stick and an airbrush!) et voila! Galaxy paint scheme.

Get all the steps from the link above, or check back in the near future and I’ll be trying this same technique on some of my Harlequins models 🙂

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