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Working with Resin Models Video!

New to resin models, or just need a guide to tools and techniques? Join us as we walk you through working with resin models in this handy guide, based on the Forge World Guide to Working with Resin Models! This is great information and Frank from Tiny Plastic Spacemen walks you through all the tools recommended by Forge World and how to use them, plus extra helpful tools that will make assembling your resin models easier.

* * Sorry for the fluctuating sound, had an issue with the microphone! * *

Please feel free to ask any questions 🙂

Brush Tip: Protecting Your Brush Tips!

While shopping in a local DIY shop over the weekend, I spotted rolls of tubing meant for indoor water and aquariums. They were out of 3mm diameter tubing, but I bought a meter of 4mm tubing. This cost less than £1, so I’d expect the cost to be under $1/€1 depending where you are.

I thought these would be perfect for replacing the tubes that come on the ends of new brushes, and I was right! Even though the tubing I bought has a good bend to it (it was the very end of the roll, so the tubing was quite bent), the bend doesn’t affect the points of the brushes after they’ve been cleaned and shaped.

Hopefully that’s a bit of help for anyone looking to protect your brushes while they’re stored away 🙂