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Wargaming Airbrush Class

Later this year I’ll be one-half of the teaching team of an airbrushing class devoted to painting wargaming miniatures, at Barwell Body Works near Leicester, England.

Steve, the owner of the car auto-body shop, is a vastly experienced airbrusher and together with Ashley, another highly skilled artist he works with, organizes airbrushes classes throughout the year, including beginner’s courses and specific classes about painting animals, portraits and other subjects.

So here’s the first post

With a bunch of projects on the go and many completed, I figured it was time to split off from the Hammertime40K blog and start one up that is just about the 40K and gaming stuff I’m painting. I’ve got a lot of 40K projects planned, from terrain to small armies, plus there’s a ton of the Reaper Bones Kickstarter stuff that I should be receiving any day, and I don’t want to put every single picture I post on the Hammertime40K site, just preview pics and if anyone wants they can click through to this site for more.

So, here it is! Took me a couple of minutes to think of the blog title 😛

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