Commission Contact Info

To make updates simpler on the rest of the site, this page has our current commission painter openings. 

At this time, WE ARE accepting new commissions 😊👌👍 Please see this update!

Please email us at for information about upcoming commission painting openings. If you can, please provide:

  • Number of each type of model you want completed
  • Quality level of each model
  • Timeframe of completion (when you will buy the model and when you’d like it completed)
  • Your budget, if you have a specific number in mind


Previously, we had paused the intake of commissions because of several ‘life events’ of various severity happening, and now there’s some extra free time that we’d like to fill with painting amazing models for you 🙂


For (very) general pricing information, please click here

For our ‘Fine Print’ regarding all TPS commissions, please click here 

For examples of TPS quality levels, please click here