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I believe my prices are reasonable considering the amount of equipment (brushes, paints, airbrush equipment, etc.) I need to do a good job for you, the space I have set aside in my home, the skill and concentration required and most importantly the amount of time needed to complete a project.

Please note that my prices to you are estimates – if I’m able to complete your models quicker/easier than I thought, or if the project takes more time/work than I realized, the cost may go down or up accordingly. And although a price can seem expensive, consider about how many hours it will take you to do what you want on your models – this convenience is what you pay me for.


No, Really…Prices!

OK! 🙂 Essentially, prices will vary depending on what you want to get. If you’re unfamiliar with painting studio prices, when you’re talking to a painter you can generally expect to spend (at a minimum) the retail cost of the model on just the painting alone. If you’re asking someone to build the model, that will take from half an hour to assemble a box of 5-10 infantry models (depending on the complexity) to well over an hour for an Imperial Knight model or superheavy tank. Magnetising will take even longer, as many parts of the model will need to be drilled and magnets glued in place as the model is being built.

The cost of the actual painting will vary depending on the type of model you’re having painted and the level of detail you want done on the models. The absolute bare minimum you should expect to pay for a painted model at tabletop quality is roughly the same as the retail cost of the model itself (PLUS the cost of the model), so that should give you an idea to start with. From there, the sky is the limit, depending on whether the model requires assembly, if it requires extra work to finish properly (such as gap-filling or fixing warped parts), the amount of detail you want, including magnetising or converting. 

As you can see, there can be a big swing in prices depending on what you’ve got and what you want 🙂 

I can also work to your budget – we would work out the details of course, but an example of this would be you pre-pay me an agreed amount, and I will work until that money has been spent on my hourly time. This may work out easier if you have a certain amount of money set aside each month.

Please remember that our prices for building & painting your models don’t include buying the actual models (if you are not sending them to us) and postage to you. Also note that Tiny Plastic Spacemen is based in the UK – prices will be in GBP £ Sterling, and tracked postage to regions outside the UK can be expensive (minimum £10 to EU, £20 to US).

Please click here for our current commission availability