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ALL the Newest Forge World Stuff Announced at Warhammer Fest!


Here’s photos from the big Forge World display area, including the latest and upcoming models and upgrades! Of course talking to the Forge World staff is the real draw, to find out how the models are designed and made, how the books get written, and even getting model tips from FW painters and artists!


Of course the Forge World seminar is the biggest draw for fans of the Horus Heresy game, models and setting – and here’s a link to EVERY picture from the seminar! OK, actually there are 2 pictures missing when Tony clicked through a little fast, but there will be more pictures added to the album real soon!

Check back soon for detailed photos of the amazing Iron Warriors vs World Eater display in the Forge World area…which includes this fantastic size comparison of the all-new Stormbird model next to the Thunderhawk!


We’ll even have a few details about this little (pun intended!) number:


Brand New Blood Bowl Stuff at Warhammer Fest!


Here’s a link to our online album of the amazing-looking, all-new Blood Bowl coming out later this year! Click here to check it out! REALLY interested to see how this comes out!

The models are bigger, the pitch is bigger (and double-sided!), and there are 6 teams in plastic planned, with more coming if the game takes off!

There’s many more photo albums coming, check back real soon or head over to the Facebook page right now!

Warhammer Fest 2016 Walkabout video!

Here’s our Walkabout video from Warhammer Fest 2016! We take you through every area from the big weekend, from the video games to the studio design teams, finishing up with a look at the amazing staff army section and a peek at the Golden Demon statues!

Check out the Tiny Plastic Spacemen Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TinyPlasticSpacemen/ for photos of *everything* from the weekend!

Warhammer Fest pictures!

here’s the gallery of images, if you don’t want to read on!

I was happy to attend my first Games Workshop event, the first Warhammer Fest weekend that is still going on as I type. I decided to go the first day, because the second day would be pretty busy with Golden Daemon contestants. I think I was right, because by around 3 PM it was easy to get front-row spots at the various talks and spend several minutes talking to all the Forge World folks, people like Jervis Johnson, White Dwarf and Black Library people and many more.