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The Outer Worlds – First-Play Review!

Yeah, it’s another game review! But this time it’s a VIDEO game,
and specifically a PC game review (hashtag PCRaceSuperiorRace)
featuring The Outer Worlds.

Now, I don’t claim
to be a video game blogger, but this one has been on my radar for a
while. I rarely get games that are less than a year old – my Steam
backlog is as shameful as the next person’s – so it’s not often
I play something that’s recent. I still haven’t finished Fallout:
New Vegas or Skyrim, and haven’t even loaded Fallout 4! However, I
knew I’d have some free time on a recent trip, so got The Outer
Worlds (hereafter abbreviated ‘OW’ for brevity) from Humble
Bundle Games with a nice little discount and over the past couple of
days played enough to just about finish the first part of the game.