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Computer Design: The Wave of the NOW!

It’s really interesting to see how models get made these days! You can find YouTube videos and blog posts showing how to make wire armatures, bulk them out with Green Stuff and sculpt details, but larger operations such as Games Workshop and Prodos use 3D modeling and 3D printing extensively to make their models. Even small ‘bitz’ manufacturers like Zinge Industries (and probably many others like Puppetswar and Kromlech) make their add-ons and whole models in the computer, 3D print them, then cast them in resin. It’s the wave of the future! or rather it’s the wave of NOW.
Former Forge World model designer Edgar Skomorowski (his page is here) showed off some of his previous work on the Zbrush forum here, including Peturabo, Knight Scion, Solar Auxilia units and much more.
I’m more of an old-school type that likes to work my hands/fingers and physical objects, but there’s a lot to look forward to in this ‘digital age’ of design! (and hey kids, if you want to be a model designer, get comfortable with a computer!)