Fabulous Birthday Gift!


Got these Horus Heresy novels for my 40th birthday from the folks at work. Luckily 3 of the play 40K with me so the gift idea was pretty easy to think of – then someone had the marvelous idea to get Games Workshop’s Jervis Johnson (game designer for many or all of the GW games, including winning an award for Blood Bowl!) to actually SIGN all three books!
Even better, Jervis put in the battle cry for the loyal Space Marines in the first book (‘For the Emperor!’) and the battle cry for the Chaos Khorne followers in the second book (‘Blood for the blood God!’). So there will be plenty of dice and even models rubbed on these for luck! (if you game and haven’t heard of the famous Hackmaster fame rubs you’ve been missing out!)

All in all, a wonderful gift and one I’ll always have around the gaming table.

This was my first post from my phone I think, so if the picture is too small or doesn’t link to a bigger version that’ll


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