Well…It’s Certainly Been Quite A Year!

If you haven’t been paying attention – and I don’t blame you if you haven’t, there’s certainly been a lot going on in the rest of the world, and I imagine in your own life! – it’s been a rocky year for TPS. In addition to serious ongoing health problems with my mother that have meant me going to the US several times during the year, early this year I was made redundant (‘laid off’ for you Americans, albeit with better employee protections) from my full-time job and it’s been…well, a bit of a struggle! Let’s just be honest.


It certainly has not been as much of a struggle as many other people, and for that I count my lucky stars, but it’s still been a big change in things for me and TPS and the household, and just everything. Which is why I’ve started taking commissions once again.

Some model work has come in, but not quite enough to ease things significantly. More importantly, with everything that’s been going on, some customers have been waiting far too long for finished things to be sent to them, and for that I can only apologize profusely and promise things will be improving in the weeks to come as I get more things in order. This I swear!

So – hoping to end the year on a high to get a running leap into 2020 🙂

I hope your year has gone better than mine! And here’s to a better new year.

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