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Scratchbuild: 40K Autocannon!

Because Havocs with Autocannons are the go-to choice for Chaos Space Marines, that’s all I’ve been using (except when I needed Lascannons against the Necron chariot, woop!). So I need 4 Autocannons to equip my guys. So far I’ve been proxying the black and purple Chaos Marines I got off ebay (now painted in the colors of the Flaming Spears!), or using my fully painted Chosen, but I’ve been wanting to scratchbuild an autocannon for a while now.

When I got started I had two choices:

  1. build 4 (or 8) autocannons, which would get boring after the 2nd to be honest, or
  2. build 1 really nice autocannon and try casting it in resin

So I went with option 2 – got started during the first group painting sesh with one of the Hammertime 40K guys: